Go to Lyon: Third Largest City in France

Lyon is among the best metropolitan areas in France that you need to visit. The city is third largest within France. It is the capital of Rhone-Alps area. The city is known for its historic and cultural heritage. A number of its buildings and museums have been listed in world history site list of UNESCO.

Some of the best locations to visit as well as explore within Lyon are:

1. St. Jean Church: This cathedral is dedicated to St. John and St. Stephen. It was built during 12th and the 13th century. The oldest parts of the church have now been shut for prayers and are stored for the community display.

2 Renaissance Courtyards: These are the stunning courtyards that were built during the time of renaissance in the Roman style of structures.

3. Theatres Romains de Fourviere: This is the oldest theatre in France and it was started in 11th century AD. There's a great regard and value for it amongst the local inhabitants.

4. Parc de la Tete: This is a well-liked park that's made in the English type of architecture. The actual park was built during the 19th century and it is one of the biggest and many beautiful urban parks associated with France. It is a great place for family outings and other outdoor recreation. The main popular features of the park include a large greenhouse, botanical garden along with a rose garden. Recently African Flatlands have also been additional where the animals can wander freely.

5. Opera house: This opera house was started in 1826 and was later reopened in 1993. The area has hosted many opera performances as well as dance shows. The cup ceiling of the building would be to watch out for.

6. Aquarium du Grand Lyon: This is an additional fascinating attraction. The aquarium is located on the outskirts from the city and it has a bit of amusement for almost everyone. There are a number of varieties of fishes and other marine life varieties have been stored here. Many informative classes and slideshows are also organized to educate the masses.

7. Maison de la Dane: This is an ideal place for the dancing lovers. This particular theater has been dedicated to dancing where you can discover various type of dance. There's a museum also is situated in the actual vicinity of the same building.

8. La Part Dieu: This is among the largest retail center in France. The mall has got the presence of almost all the major brands in the world. But steer clear of this place every sunday as it can obtain crowded.

Lyon is one of the best places in France to see and discover guide sortir à Lyon. Eurostar is one of the greatest means to achieve Paris and then you can take possibly TGV train or bus to Lyon.

Lyon, the cooking capital associated with France, which is the third largest city and second biggest metropolitan area in France. This city is known for its culture and 2000 year-old history. This city began by the Roman empire and a heritage city as recognized by UNESCO. This excellent city can be found between Paris and Marseille and 470 km away from Paris. You are able to reach presently there from Geneva which is just 170 km aside. It is located in East of France between 2 rivers named as Rhone as well as Saone. The people residing there are known as Lyonnais. It has a 'semi continental' environment and climate is nice to go to in the month of September and Oct.

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